Drawing can it really be this easy?

I absolutely loving drawing and always looking of ways to get better. I watch hours of youtube videos and always on the lookout for new methods and easier ways to create art.

I was looking through youtube last night and stumbled over this great video.  I have shared it below.  If you are starting out you will really get a lot from this video!

More than words

OK the first thing I’m to do explain how I did something a little bit different! I’m going show you how I  created a perfect present for my 12 year daughter.

I found the perfect present for her and without too time or effort I have created a gift that I know she will totally love.

I just love personalized gifts and so does my daughter Erin. So when I found a website that let me create personalized word art I was over the moon.

Honestly in under 20 minutes I had designed and framed ready for my daughter to arrive home.

The website I got my design from have hundreds of designs although the one I picked was actually one of the most simple ones!

Have a look at the wonderful design below.  I created something very similar as I say VERY quickly.

To be honest when I started this blog it was more to explain how to do crafts and share tips and tricks. However creating word art is so simple I could probably explain it in about 20 words.

So I didn’t see the point in turning this article in to a tutorial.  So it more to just make you aware of what is out there.

Anyway, I’m starting to waffle now so if you want to create word art you can do so using the word art app on at wordartprints website.

Until next time!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

On this blog I’m going to post about my crafting journey. I’m a 33 year mom from Boston called Sheila who just loves trying out new crafts.

I love drawing, painting and my latest crazy is making hats believe it or not!

So anyone I hope you enjoy my blog and and love crafts as much as me!